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“I think one major virtue the Oyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde lacks is emotional intelligence.

You can still be the Governor, uphold legal requirements in respect of whatever land the State is in dispute with with the late Senator Ajimobi, yet stand tall and make sure all honour due to a former Governor and your Predecessor is accorded him and his Family.

Especially, knowing that the same late Gov Ajimobi reached out to you when he learnt that you got infected with the same COVID-19.

Sickness and Death is one thing that should take away every political considerations and bring out our humanity.

Now, if I were Makinde, when Ajimobi was sick, I would have made sure I visited him and if his Doctors did not allow a visit, I will go to his Home and visit his Wife and wish him a quick recovery and also ask the Wife to please give me a call if the Family need any help.

I will give the former First Lady my direct line. In fact, I will go there unannounced to forestall any objection.

In the eventual death of Ajimobi, I will lead the State Executive to pay a condolence visit and also assure the Widow of the Oyo State Government readiness to be of assistance towards the burial plans.

In fact, I will ask the Widow to please allow Oyo State Government one day in the burial plans to pay homage to a former Governor of the State.

Concerning the alleged disputed Land where the Ajimobis intended to bury their late Father and Husband but was not allowed due to litigation over the Land, if I were Makinde, I will ask that 3 Plots be carved out of the 45 in dispute and be allocated to the late Governor so he can be buried there as the Family wishes.

Even if based on litigation he’s not able to do anything concerning the Land, his support, care, concern and reaching out since Ajimobi had been sick would have made the Ajimobi Family concede on the Land issue without any problem.

I will declare one day of mourning in Oyo State in honour of the former Governor and stand by the Wife all through the burial rites.

Ajimobi was a former Governor of Oyo State not Oyo APC. Makinde is Governor of Oyo State, not Oyo PDP.

I wish Makinde understand this and act accordingly instead of all controversy and irresponsible Press Releases…upon your Predecessors death?

You see, most Politicians in Nigeria lack tact and always think they would be in Office forever.

I dont care who is right or who is wrong or which of the Parties you reading this is supporting between Makinde/Oyo State Government and the Ajimobis.

One thing is sure, you dont play politics when death occurs. You bury the hatchet and you let your Humanity speak to high Heavens.

It would not cost you a dime!

Makinde has nothing to lose if he has done all that I enumerated above, but a lot to gain.

First, respect for him will soar even amongst the Opposition in Oyo State.

What pains me most is that he’s of my generation and I expect he should have a new way of thinking on how to play politics.”

Governor Nyesom Wike.


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