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By Olawale Kosemani

One of the most beautiful, charming and resourceful Nollywood actresses, Bose Alao Omotoyosi celebrated her twin daughters who officially turned teenagers.

The mother of four who got married to a Nigerian born international footballer, Razaq Omotoyosi playing for Benin Republic and European clubs is a movie maker, model, brand ambassador and entrepreneur.

She celebrated her first daughters with family, friends and well wishers.

When asked for her reaction about the 13th birthday of her twins daughters, she said, “My babies are no more babies. They are now officially teenagers. She prayed for wisdom, understanding, God’s protection and guidance all through their lives.  Talking further about the celebrants, she said the celebrants love music and they love to sing. They so much believe in team work despite the fact that they have ability to achieve the task on their own.

We say a happy birthday to the celebrants and saying congratulations to the parents.



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