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By Ola Akanni

Nigeria’s creative industry has been reported as the second largest employer of labour in the country. This is according to a new report released by Jobberman, a leading online career portal in Nigeria, in partnership with Mastercard Foundation.

According to the report, the creative industry has the potential to produce 2.7 million jobs by 2025. Additionally, it is set to contribute N5tn to the country’s GDP.

The report said after agriculture, the creative sector was the second largest employer of labour in Nigeria. The sector currently employs 4.2 million people, it said.

Publishing contributes an estimate of N29.8bn to the nation. Motion picture, sound recording and music contributes N1.2tn; broadcasting contributes N1.7tn; arts, entertainment and recreation, N239.4bn while textile contributes a total of N1.41tn.

Based on its analysis, the report stated that by 2030, Nigeria’s population was projected to reach 236 million and 402 million people by 2050 making it the third most populated nation in the world.

The Nigerian Bureau of Statistics had reported that the unemployment rate had risen to 33.3 per cent.

The Federal Government announced that the country had slipped into a recession and in March 2021 the National Bureau of Statistics released labour force data for Q4 2020 indicating that unemployment had risen to 33.3 per cent.


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