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The closure of schools by the Federal Government since March, 2020 has been a terrifying situation for students across the country.

With the series of events going on and the rapid increase of the coronavirus infection in the country, it’s hard to say when schools will definitely resume.

The Federal Government had earlier opened schools for only graduating classes, but recently the WAEC exams were postponed, leaving many students confused.

This situation has made some students frustrated, because now they don’t know what to do and when to even do, and is even worse with the present situation of the country.

In my opinion, the Federal Government should start paying all University and Polytechnic Students across the country a sum of N18, 000 or maybe more till the time of school resumption.

This act will definitely help reduce some series of crime rates in the country, because the lockdown has caused many students to take into cyber crime. And if the Federal Government would implement these plans it will help students immensely till resumption.


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