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The federal government has claimed that the Madagascar herbs cannot cure Covid 19.
The National Institute of Pharmaceutical Research and Development (NIPRD) on Sunday, July, 19 disclosed that scientific analysis of the herb is not potent as claimed.
The director- general of NIPR Dr Obi Adigwe said the herbs which contains mainly Artemisia Annua works to remove the frequency of cough with maximum dose, producing and effect equivalent to that produced by the centrally acting cough-suppressant, dihydrocodeine.
Part of the report by the agency read:
“COVID ORGANICS – Green Pack (GPA) and Orange Pack(OPB) herbal products contain Artemisia annua as one of the components. Both samples have the characteristics features of Artemisia annua similar with the plant grown in NIPR.
” COVID ORGANICS (OPB and GPA) contains other plants in addition to Artemisia annua. The proportion of Artemisia annua in the product is higher than that of the other plant components.
“Unlike the impression created by the labelling, the two COVID ORGANICS product are not the same with GPA sweeter with a higher extractive value than OPB. The HPLC and TLC profile of COVID ORGANICS products indicated the presence of artemisinin.
” Artemisinin was detected in the hot water infusion of the COVID ORGANICS product at a very low concentration and undetectable in one of the products. Hence, preparing the infusion as directed on the label produced very little artemisinin.
“Safety studies show that COVID ORGANICS (CVO) products do not alter the normal physiology of animals.
However, the agency said it has prepared its own product which will likely be ready for presentation in the next six month.
” There is one product we have that is having a lot of promise” the agency said.


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