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NFVCB threatens to track LGBT filmmakers in Nollywood
National Film Video and Censor Board(NFVCB) is coming at an upcoming movie ‘Ife’, a LBQ film directed by Uyai Ikpe-Etim .
This comes in the wake of recent reports confirming that the production portrays Lesbian and homosexual acts.
Adedayo Thomas, the board’s Executive Director said in a recent interview that the film and it’s makers will be sanctioned
” As long as it is a Nigerian, it will be tracked down. Even those who are involved in it too. Before you get yourself in involved in certain things, there must be contract. What is the contract? An ignorance of law is not an excuse”, said Thomas.
“If you say you’re shooting a movie on the conception of lesbianism, fine that is the work. It has not gotten to our table, when it gets to our table, we will know that this is what we are going to do”.
Meanwhile the producer of the film, Pamela Addie insists the movie will not be released on YouTube or in local cinemas.
“It’s is not going to be on YouTube, we are building our own platform where people pay to watch movies like an on_ demand streaming platform. Maybe if Netflix decides to show it after a year of release, why not?.
For now, we don’t plan to release it on any other site”.
‘Ife’ tells a story of two women who fall in love over a 3- day date but struggle with the realities of same sex love in a country overridden by sanctimony and hypocrisy.


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