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Pastor Adeboye preached a Sunday message which people all over the world listened to through cable and internet facilities.

As usual the man of God preached a message of hope to lift up the souls of people especially at this time of covid-19 lockdown when many have been discouraged already.

The central theme of his message today was ‘From Lockdown to Leaping Up’, a timely message indeed.

One of the key things he said was that it takes God to lift up a man and no one else can do it.

He said all of us are looking for opportunities to make progress in life, and especially we always look towards someone or people who can help us. He said our real help is in the hands of God.

He stressed the necessity of depending on God by quoting from the Bible Deuteronomy 33:27, that underneath are the everlasting arm of God

The Revelation and The Secret You Need To Know Now
Here is the secret, when a man tries to help or lift you up, he can only go as far as his height and hands can reach. If he wants to go extra mile, he will stand on his toes lifting you up so that you can really be highly placed.

But because he is a man, he will get tired in no time, and will start to bring you down until you come to the ground where you started from.

With God the story is different, God can never be tired, and his arms are everlasting, hence once he lifts you up you have nothing to fear, you can remain up for the rest of your life as long as you continue to fulfill His conditions.

As a matter of fact, there is no limit to where God can lead you; he can keep lifting you higher and higher without stopping until you leave this world.

The man of God quoted from the bible the story of David who was not recognized even in his father’s house but was anointed by God in the presence of his seven big brothers.

He went on lifting him to become the killer of the giant Goliath, then to become the king of Judah, a tribe in Israel.

God did not stop there; He continued lifting him until became the king of the whole of the nation of Israel.

That was the position that David held till he died, and we all taught that was the greatest height God can lift him to, but in the New Testament in Luke 18:38, we heard blind Barthimaeus calling Jesus the son of David.

That means God lift David beyond the height of being just a king to being the father of the King of kings, which is wonderful.

This is a message that we need in Nigeria today, especially in the face of the corona virus that we are experiencing, it is like going through a war, where many have lost people, jobs, properties, businesses, and many valuable things as a result of the pandemic.
The question many people are asking is, how can I get back what I have lost during this pandemic, how can I be fully restored?

The truth has been revealed now, grab it and let it sink into your sub-conscious mind so that you will begin to take the right steps to quick and total recovery, and even move higher after the lockdown.

You need God to lift you higher in life.

Thank you.


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