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Tacha insults Her Blood Sister says she is broke and lazy
The BBN former housemate known as Tacha has come for her blood sister in a new video she posted.
Tacha stated that her sister is lazy and also broke, she said her sister doesn’t have any work and she is very comfortable at home as if she (Tacha) is working for her.
In her video, she defended herself that she got into a lot of business when she was broke, and she was an entrepreneur right from when she left school in 2016.
Even when she came out of he Big Brother house, she had to venture into more businesses because no one was going to help her.
She said she used to call her sister countless times and ask her if she have #2 or #5million in her account and she would say No, she would ask her that what confidence does she have that makes her sit at home doing nothing and still envy other people who are working daily and progressing?.
Finally, she urged youths to work hard and not depend on people even family for a living.
Her video didn’t go down well with Nigerians.

By: Ekpe Esther


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