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By Our Reporter

With the announcement of opening its first African office in Ghana, Twitter said it would recruit experts of major local languages in Nigeria (Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa) for its operations.


The company stated that the remote position is available for all candidates but the employee must have a full understanding and interpretation of news content from the Nigerian media.


Other criteria for the job includes the ability for candidates to have adequate knowledge and understanding of English and Pidgin English which is also commonly spoken in Nigeria


“Twitter is looking for a passionate people manager to take on the role of Curation Lead for Nigeria.


“This person will manage a team that is focused on quickly, accurately and impartially summarising complex conversations that are unfolding in real-time on Twitter and important to users in Nigeria.


“While this role is primarily focused on English and English Pidgin content, working proficiency in one or more of the following languages is an advantage: Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo,” parts of the requirements on the career section of the company stated.


Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, on Monday announced via his Twitter handle that the company would be citing its first African base in neighbouring Ghana, to the chagrin of Nigeria’s vast tech industry.





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