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Vince McMahon: WWE CEO set to appoint Triple H as successor, shuns his children.
Vince McMahon, an American billionaire, appears to have concluded plans to appoint Triple H as tge new head of WWE.
The former 74-year old wrestler and promoter has been running the business for close to three decades.
It appears that his succession plan has taken another dimension as he has started putting Triple H through the rudiments of running the business.
According to SunSport, the American business icon remaind the company’s CEO and chairman and sometimes appears on Tv as his “Mr. McMahon” character.
Triple H is married to McMahon daughter Stephanie and are now the most important couple of WWE in their respective roles as Executive Vice President Global Talent Strategy and Development and Chief Brand Officer.
The Sun further reported that Shane McMahon is okay with is on-screen role while Paul Levesque is the heir apparent.
“Stephanie is very involved and you know, is really more of a face of WWE. She does a lot of charity work. And she’s great at that. And you’ve got to have that in that world.
“I think Shane seems to be, apparently, content with being a TV character. I don’t know where his role’s gonna be going forward or what he wants it to be.
” But I think Paul Levesque is the one that seems to be earmarked to be the next guy, if and when Vince is not in that role.”


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